Of course, South Carolina has made a hit with the late-night comedy writers and comics. But how are we playing in Peoria? A friend just sent me a column from his hometown paper in Waterloo, Iowa. Yes, we are even famous in Waterloo, Iowa! Here’s part of a recent column by Scott Cowelti. Read the the whole thing at http://wcfcourier.com/news/opinion/cawelti/article_f2f978d2-757b-11df-8356-001cc4c002e0.html

Anyone visiting South Carolina the last few weeks, as I have, will be surprised to see pigs taking wing over the humid landscape, and if they look down a well, the frozen dome of hell. Both are now visible and obvious.

The South Carolina GOP, which has been running the usual anti-government, anti-Obama, anti-gay marriage, pro-family, pro-America ads, certainly seems mainstream enough. They outdo themselves in providing substance-free sound byte ads and “debates,” but that’s what Americans have come to expect from our debased election rhetoric. To be fair, both parties seem unable to get beyond knee-jerk posturing.

Still, South Carolina’s Republicans seem to mostly parrot Glenn, Rush, Sean and Sarah – echo chamber blowhards and opportunists that provide the rope with which Republicans may well hang themselves.

In South Carolina they seem positively obsessed with self-destructing.

I’ve been downright shocked at how much Republicans seem to hate each other. And how much they’re driving their own supporters toward voting for the other party.