[image-1]How comfortable are you with the name OOH-MAMI Bar? If that feels OK to you, perhaps you’ll enjoy the latest iteration of owner Jonathan Buckley three-part Ann Street train depot restaurant group (formerly Feathertop, Wise Buck, and Scarecrow) — South Seas Sushi.

The sushi spot joins sister space South Seas Tiki Lounge and a forthcoming Cantina and Stuffed Avocado spot (?) to bring all things kitsch Polynesian to downtown Charleston.

According to a press release from South Seas Oasis, “The Coffee Bar has been up-fitted to the sushi concept and expansion into the Feathertop space is in the works.”

At South Seas Sushi, “karate chop” and noodle bowls are being promoted along with the items they’re calling “raw yummies” which apparently include “wheels-of-fortune” and “Kimono Dragon roll” served from the aforementioned eight seat OOH-MAMI Bar.

In addition, “pupu” platters, Charleston’s food of the moment poke bowls, and other “forbidden delights” will be available.

South Seas Sushi opens tonight at 5 p.m. For more information, visit southseasoasis.com.[location-1]