[image-1]Get ready #SoCharm lovers. Shep Rose seeks love on Bravo’s newest show, RelationShep, a spinoff of everyone’s favorite Charleston reality show, Southern Charm debuting on Bravo on Mon. Dec. 4 at 10 p.m.

Earlier this summer CP Southern Charm beat reporter Dustin Waters unpacked RelationShep‘s preview teaser:

“We are treated to a dizzying montage of fresh-faced women as they meet Shep. One rides a horse. Another really likes beer, which is a big plus for Shep. We are then told in voiceover that if Shep makes a meaningful connection with these women, they will be invited back to Charleston. But before reaching his happily-ever-after, Shep must first hear his failures and shortcomings detailed by this cavalcade of female suitors.”

Check out the full trailer below. Tune in for the premiere, then check out Waters’ recap Tues. Dec. 5.