Let the countdown begin. T. Rav and company will be returning to televisions across the country March 16 at 10 p.m when the second season of Bravo’s Southern Charm premieres. And you can expect a few changes to much-maligned reality TV show.

While Shep Rose, Whitney Sudler-Smith, Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, and, of course, Thomas Ravenel are all back, there’s a new face, Landon Clements, who looks to be replacing Jenna King. Bravo has also made Ravenel’s baby momma, Katherine Calhoun Dennis, a full-time cast member, so expect more spider-like fake eyelashes on the screen. (In her defense, she did say she would never wear those again to Andy Cohen at the reunion show, but we’re still holding out hope that she dons them one more time.)

We’re still waiting for a teaser trailer, but here’s what we do know. Much of the second season was shot while T. Rav was campaigning for his unsuccessful run at a U.S. Senate seat. We’re not sure anything can top the drunken cab ride to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test in the first season, but we’re hopeful. All we want is to see T. Rav in the cups, a naked pool dance, one of the Charm ladies busting it on some cobblestone, and more of Sudler-Smith’s mom, Patricia.

As for the new cast member, Clements grew up in Georgia, attended the College of Charleston, and then moved out West. She married a self-proclaimed “James Bond Brit” — has James Bond ever been anything but British? — according to the show’s website. However, it didn’t work out, and after spending some time in Aspen, Clements decided to return to the Holy City and re-launch her interior design business — and clearly have a go at being a reality TV celeb.

Stay tuned for more details about what the second season has in store. In the meantime, head to bravo.com for more cast bio’s and some behind-the-scenes looks.;