Uh oh. It appears that the folks at the Charleston City Paper have gotten Thomas Ravenel’s boxers in a bunch, because according to T-Rav’s Facebook page he has his eyes on our paper and our good editor’s behind. Yikes.

Earlier today, the polo-playing, Southern Charm starring, DUI-getting, paternity-test teasing, cocaine-snorting Cuz-spawn had this to say:

And then — for whatever reason — he decided that simply firing us wasn’t good enough.

Now, we’re not exactly sure what set him off. 

Perhaps, it was this piece.

Or this one

Or this one.

Or maybe even this long ago one. Uh oh. 

Either way, it looks like stardom has gone to T-Rav’s head, and he’s already lashing out at the paparazzi. Pretty soon he’ll be hanging out with the TMZ crowd at the Chateau Cocaine and getting “bitch slapped” by James Deen in a straight-to-Vivid release, Ravishing T-Rav. We don’t know about you, but we can hardly stand the wait. Bottoms up.

Chris Haire is the author of the comic novel, The Many Crimes of Wyatt Duvall, Archmotherfucker, a despicable tale about dastardly man committing dastardly deeds. Oh, and dryer lint smoking. Lots of dryer lint smoking. It’s currently available at Amazon.com.