Fork and Spoon Records, the bitchin’ DIY label out of Columbia, is putting out a record by Charleston’s very own Southern Femisphere. Recorded by Harper Marchman-Jones (formerly of Sir Greendown and currently of Urban Praise Band), Houses has ’90s rock and post-rock and ’80s European female-fronted post-punk influences, and it shows off how the band has developed its collaborative process since 2012’s Unfurls Her Pluck EP.

“We’re especially excited for this one because it has a more focused sound than Unfurls Her Pluck, both in terms of the songwriting and production,” Brett Nash, SoFem’s drummer-slash-guitarist/vocalist, says. “With Unfurls Her Pluck we were still kind of experimenting with how we wanted to sound, and sort of going through trial and error, which worked out wonderfully for that record and it’s sort of scattered sound.”

He’s quick to admit that record was a learning process, especially since it was their first time working with Marchman-Jones and, for some of them, their first time recording.

“Now between us and Harper, we all have a better idea what Southern Femisphere and what a Southern Femisphere album should sound like,” he says. “It seems like with this one, we hit some sort of a stride.”

The band — which also includes guitarist-drummer Kim Larson, bassist Emily Connor, and guitarist Caroline de Golian, who also all share vocals — will celebrate the release at a June 11 show at the Tattooed Moose, and there’s talk of “special gifts” for attendees, like limited edition hand-screenprinted copies of the album, cassette singles, and more. They’ll be joined by Columbia-based labelmates Those Lavender Whales and former Charleston punks Mrs. Mars.

The band has another show planned on July 17 at the Tin Roof with Lotion and Chemical Peel. And while we’re on the SoFem topic, we might as well mention a couple of dates for Boring Portals, since Nash and Connor are in that band too. They’re performing on June 17 at the Royal American with New York City’s Free Time, on June 21 at the Tin Roof with Atlanta’s Places to Hide and Charleston’s Tapes Waves, and on July 9 at the Tattooed Moose with Augusta’s Billie Vacation. The last show is “An Evening with Boring Portals,” and it’ll feature solo sets from the individual band members, like Nash, Scott Dence, and Joel Hamilton.

SoFem also has a two-track tape, Igloo Hymn, that came out earlier this year. Listen to that and Unfurls Her Pluck at their Bandcamp page,