Angel Postell and her crew from the Charleston Wine + Food Festival continue their crawl across the South. The latest installment documents the fun.

Most of our weekend in Atlanta was a blur of food, booze, and fun. This leg of the trip mostly consisted of Atlanta Food & Wine Festival activities.

  • Look who we ran into — Julian Van Winkle

We love attending festivals when we don’t have to work. It’s great to step back and see how others do things. We attended a demo with FIG chef Mike Lata and George Mendes (Aldea/New York) first thing Friday where they were serving up Clammer Dave Belanger’s oysters and rudderfish. Mike gave a nice preview of the new restaurant he’s opening on Upper King Street, and he also gave major props to Dave. Next, we attended a panel about food extinction, and Sean Brock memorably referred to himself as Indiana Jones on a quest to save our foodways.

We visited the tasting tents twice over the weekend, both times stopping by Rodney Scott’s booth to get some pulled pork and slaw with crackling pork rinds. We also hit Fox Brothers BBQ for some delicious sliced brisket.

  • Another celebrity chef sighting: Bryan Caswell of REEF in Houston

Other highlights included Anthony Lamas’ bourbon-infused salsa with grilled shrimp, fried chicken on a stick with pickled okra by Lucy’s Fried Chicken of Austin, Texas, and an impressive charcuterie spread by Blackberry Farms. We also made sure to stop by the lamb pit to say hi to our favorite shepherd, Craig Rogers of Border Spring Farms. We also nibbled on some of Aaron Deal’s lamb ribs.

  • Blackberry Farms’ charcuterie spread

Saturday was much of the same with demos and tastings. Frank Lee of SNOB and Chris Hastings of Hot & Hot Fish Club held a foraging demo that was incredibly thoughtful and tasty. On our final night in Atlanta, we attended a New Orleans inspired pop-up dinner in a space overlooking downtown Atlanta. Several of John Besh’s chefs were there featuring dishes and John Currance did a unique take on Gumbo’z Herbes. The winner of the night was Michael Gulotta’s Kalbskopf Salad (featuring shaved calf’s head).

So, thanks to Atlanta for showing us such a great time. Now, we head to Nashville for two days of eating and playing. Stay tuned.