Local quartet Southwood, a twangy rock band formed by singer/guitarist Mitch Wetherington and guitarist Henri Gates earlier this year, recently released a self-titled debut disc. Wetherington and Gates were doing solo gigs for local agency Other Brother Entertainment when they first partnered up.

“We began playing as a duo, and soon we decided to write original music,” says Gates. They added drummer Craig South and bassist Austin Campbell (also of Meet the Sky), and they soon assembled a full set of originals and classic/modern rock, country, and Americana.

The foursome recorded this summer with engineer Kenny McWilliams at Archer Avenue Studio in Columbia and mastered the record with Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering in Charlotte, N.C. The band already has a full-length album in the works for a release next fall.

The band performs in town on New Year’s Eve at the Wild Wing Cafe in Mt. Pleasant. See southwoodband.com for more.