[image-1]I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry will be hitting theaters soon and I’ve got reservations. From what I’ve seen in the commercials, it looks like a string of gay jokes with a heartwarming ending that proves these guys have learned their lesson. And, according to a recent Advocate review, it looks like that’s about it.

Though Chuck and Larry begin the film as mildly homophobic, their time posing as queer is supposed to open their eyes to gay acceptance. Really, though, it’s just an excuse for the film to throw lecherous gay guys at them. While fending off one man’s advances, Larry protests that “just ‘cause you’re gay doesn’t mean you’re horny for every guy you meet,” but in this film, it kind of does. Virtually without exception, the gays here are presented as sex-obsessed or as men who really want to be women. Biel’s oblivious attorney enjoys spending time with Chuck because “girls rule,” and even when another firefighter comes out for real, he’s immediately drained of all masculinity and starts to sing “I’m Every Woman” in the group shower.

Of course it wasn’t written with gay audiences in mind — it’s being released the same week as Hairspray for Pete’s sake. My biggest concern is that, when a new acquaintance finds out I’m gay, they’ll ask, “Have you seen Chuck and Larry? I love that movie.”