Last summer Nick Long, the beer and wine manager for Piggly Wiggly, attended the coolest summer camp ever: the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp.

He and a group of other people from the industry spent three days together at the brewery, developing and brewing their own unique recipe. At Beer Camp No. 29, Long and his fellow campers created a Double IPA and called it Ghidorah after the three-headed monster from the Godzilla movies.

Long tells us that the beer was a huge hit when it was released in S.C. last summer (it received an overall grade of A- on Beer Advocate), and the brewery liked it so much that they have added it to the Beer Camp Variety 12-packs that are being released now. These will be available in select Piggly Wiggly stores across S.C.

And the Isle of Palms and Harbor View Road Pigs will have the beer on their growler stations on Tuesday, May 10.  Long says this is a onetime shot for folks to try it, so put it on your to-do list.