[embed-1] Sometimes it's red sauce, other times it's fried chicken — whenever Spero's R.J. Moody and Rob Laudicina say they are going to pop-up, people listen.

Starting at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Spero will take over Rebel Taqueria's stall at Workshop for the day, serving up a menu that celebrates fried chicken. Rebel's Pete Nettles explained that he was happy to give his staff a day off, especially for Moody, who splits time working for Rebel and Ship's Wheel Hard Cider, all in between the occasional Spero pop-up.

Menu items include whole ($35) and half ($20) birds, fried chicken sandwiches, and sides like cornbread ($4) or mac and cheese ($4). To reserve a bird or fried chicken sandwich, send a direct message to their Instagram page.