[embed-2]Introduced to what is now the United States in either the late 1500s or early 1600s, the hatch green chile is a popular New Mexican staple, used in a variety of recipes around the world, and in the kitchen of El Paso native and Charleston pitmaster John Lewis.

Lewis uses the chile in nearly every dish at Workshop’s Juan Luis, in his barbecue sauce, and, perhaps most importantly, in his “send me to heaven my life is now complete” corn pudding. The chef, who spent a lot of his childhood in Hatch, NM, is so dedicated to this spicy ingredient that he flew to the village to preside over the Hatch Green Chile Festival (the fest even crowns a Chile Queen).

Tomorrow from 2 to 5 p.m. at Lewis Barbecue, revel in all things chile at the inaugural Lewis Chile Roast. Lewis is shipping in over 1,000 pounds of the chiles, sourced from Hatch, and roasted onsite in Chucktown.

Short Grain’s Shuai Wang, Jack of Cups’ Lesley Carroll, Bar Normandy’s Alex Lira, and Juan Luis’ Ray England prepare dishes using the chile, and guests get to taste test their creations for free.

Wang filled us in on Short Grain’s chile roast contribution, the “lap cheong corn dog.” He says it is a “pretty standard buttermilk corn dog batter but we also folded a bunch of chopped hatch chiles in it. We take a piece of lap cheong, which is a Chinese style dry sausage, very fatty, slightly salty and sweet. We then fry it and it’s served with a side of hatch chile & shiso ranch. [They’re] fancy corn dogs for adults.”

[embed-1]Wash it all down with Down the Hatch, the collab beer brewed by Lewis and Revelry Brewing, and or a green chile cocktail from Bar Mash’s Teddy Nixon.