[image-3]It’s 2018 — standard eggnog and candy canes are blasé. When it comes to holiday sweet treats, it’s all about the novelty.

Hardscoop Distillery, a local biz headquartered in Charleston, churns out 16 proof alcohol ice cream — one serving is equivalent to a glass of wine or a strong beer. The company will release two limited edition holiday flavors, eggnog and chocolate peppermint bark, Thurs. Nov. 15.
[embed-1] So what makes this stuff different than your average grocery store pint? Hardscoop uses six times distilled grain neutral spirits and ice cream cones in year round flavors of chocolate made with natural cocoa, vanilla made with Madagascar pure vanilla, coffee with dark roasted coffee beans, and peach sorbet made with real SC peaches (and a higher ABV!). 

“As a local business, we love being able to be a part of the holidays and to provide a new twist on tradition,” said Hardscoop president Jason Kirby in a press release.

Shop for the 8% ABV ice cream at Harris Teeter, Lowe’s Foods, Total Wine, and Bottles Beverage Store or get a taste at the distillery, located at 2030 Wambaw Creek Road, Mon.-Fri. noon to 6 p.m.   [location-1]

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