[image-1]You may or may not know of Spoleto organizer John Kennedy. If you don’t, you should. Kennnedy is the programming mind behind one of the Big Festival’s bombdiggitiest series, Music in Time, which spotlights the most interesting developments in what used to be considered classical music, but nowadays — and this is the point of the whole shebang — can be anything from ambient to electronic to flowerpot symphonies, percussion solos, and even chest thumping. (Literally: Kennedy himself performed a work two years ago for which he stripped to biker shorts and pounded and slapped his own body. That takes unself-consciousness of a rare sort.)

Kennedy is also the overall wrangler of the 110-member Spoleto Festival Orchestra, in charge of auditioning and hiring them, and this year the composer is conducting Faustus, The Last Night at the Sottile Theatre. I caught up with John yesterday in the dressing rooms of Gaillard Auditorium (it was an appointment — I wasn’t stalking him, promise). Listen in to our conversation with Buzzcast #2. Subscribe here and download it to your iPod, or for gratification of the more immediate variety, just click below.