Spoleto Festival USA’s Nigel Redden unveiled the official 2011 festival poster this morning at the Spoleto Saturday event at the Gaillard: Guillermo Kuitca’s "Acoustic Mass I (Covent Garden)." The Argentinean artist is known for abstractions of maps and architectural drawings, and this particular piece is part of a series based on the auditoria of theaters and opera houses around the world. I think the official release explains the selection best:

"Kuitca selectively edits information from these images electronically and then further alters their appearance and meaning by subjecting them to different water treatments. The resulting works are graphic representations of the acoustic and dramatic energy that is heard, felt and seen in a theater. Though these works depict spaces that are normally occupied by large groups, the human figure is notably absent. In their vacant state, these deconstructed theaters sit between memories of past performances and expectations of future ones — an apt Spoleto metaphor as we are poised between Festival seasons."

As always, this year’s selection is sure to get tongues wagging all over town. Let us know what you think in the comments, and check out this gallery of past posters to put things in perspective.