[image-2]Good news, Charleston: Spoleto Festival director Nigel Redden has stepped down from his position as director of the Lincoln Center Festival. This means Redden has more time to focus on all things Spoleto. Yesterday Variety reported Redden’s step down from Lincoln Center’s fest, adding: “After his exit from the New York institution, he’ll focus on expanding Spoleto USA while also working on other artistic projects.”

Redden joined the Lincoln Center Festival, an annual summer arts fest held at NYC’s Lincoln Center, in 1994 as a consultant, becoming its director in 1998. Redden first served as Spoleto Festival USA’s general manager from 1986-1991, when he left to serve as executive director of the Santa Fe Opera. He rejoined Spoleto in 1995.

Spoleto celebrated 41 years this spring (ICYMI we covered the festival pretty extensively) and shows no signs of slowing down. In addition to his various roles as directors for arts festivals, Redden has also shown interest in politics and art, especially in a column he penned for the P&C this past February, “Immigrants all.”

The column, written just a few weeks after President Trump took office, espouses the value of immigrants in the arts:

“Spoleto Festival USA still thrives on the contributions of Americans as well as foreigners today. Whether presenting an opera by Antonio Vivaldi or a play by Samuel Beckett, the festival depends on works created by artists from many parts of the world.”

While we’re sure the Lincoln Center Festival is sad to see Redden go, we’re damned glad to have someone like him focus even more on our locally-held internationally arts festival. Here’s to the future, Nigel.