Spoleto Festival USA got some attention from The New York Times in an article published May 30 titled “Colonial Ingénue Meets Modern Ingenuity.” Writer James R. Oestreich gives Flora a good review:

  • “The task of making “Flora” stageworthy fell to the composer Neely Bruce … And he did a remarkable job of it, evoking the musical world of the 18th century without aping period practice slavishly. Purcellian strains occasionally pop up amid the sounds of instruments that would have been available in Charleston in the 1730s or, in the case of the guitar, 1740s.”

He also mentions the Dock Street renovation (“As for the Dock Street Theater after an $18 million renovation, it looks much the same as the old version to the occasional visitor, perhaps a bit cleaner and warmer.”) and Geoff Nuttall.

  • “He has retained the patented format for the concerts, delivering humor and solid information in shifting proportions from the stage but so far relying less on shtick than Mr. Wadsworth did, at least in recent years. Mr. Nuttall made much of the incongruity of the first work on the program, Pachelbel’s Canon in D (and the Gigue that properly follows it).”

Head over to the New York Times to read the article in full.

Spoleto also made the Wall Street Journal’s “Short List.