Dreadie Golf

Real birdies, minus the caddies and carts

Park Circle Disc Golf Course

North Charleston


(843) 559-2520


Trophy Lakes Disc Golf

Johns Island


(843) 793.4470


Tidal Creek at Ashley Park

West Ashley


(843) 819-6126

Frisbee, excuse us, “disc” golf beats the five-iron variety like Ike did Tina.

First, it’s cheap. A really fancy course might charge you five bucks, but that’s mouse nuts next to Kiawah’s $350 green fees. Hell, even the city’s municipal course will run you around $20, even if you walk.

Second, you don’t need a cart. Head to the right course, and it’s more like a stroll in the woods than a ride down a well-manicured lawn.

Third, and most importantly, it’s the right thing to do. Golf courses are notorious for slugging water by the liquid ton (we’re in a drought, by the way), and they’re typically sprayed with a grab bag of insect, fungus, and weed killers to keep your precious little ball sitting pretty, awaiting your next three-inch divot. And did you think the grass on the greens was really that color? When it rains, all that loveliness gets washed away into a Lowcountry salt marsh or wetland.

Fortunately, none of that’s the case with disc golf. Hippies love the shit. Generally, there’s a bench around hole 7 or a good climbing tree at hole 13 that’s just perfect for taking the prerequisite smoke break. It’s frisbee, after all, you square. Never mind that on your next tee off, you inevitably sling your $10 disc 200 feet into the woods. Or better yet, 20 feet deep in a lake.

That’s why you play with friends. Recruit them to dig through the woods for your disc with you, and promise you’ll skip the sweet camo and buy a bright pink one next time. Or, if you’re playing at Trophy Lakes on Johns Island, either bring an extra or leave and come back in two weeks. Chances are, one of their scuba training classes will have found your saucer, and they’ll sell it back to you for five bucks at the shop. Even with collateral damage, it’s still far cheaper than a set of clubs and a pair of fancy pants. —Herb Huffington

What would “The Jesus” do? A short list of area bowling alleys

AMF Charleston Lanes

1963 Savannah Hwy.

West Ashley

(843) 766-0241

Ashley Lanes

1568 Sam Rittenberg Blvd.

West Ashley

(843) 571-3230

Marrington Lanes

Building 784, Fletcher St.

Goose Creek

(843) 764-7235

Sand Piper Lanes

3291 Ashley Phosphate Rd.

North Charleston

(843) 522-8530

Twin River Lanes

613 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.

Mt Pleasant

(843) 884-7735

No Pain, No Gain

Playing paintball hurts so good

Charleston Paintball

7100 Cross Country Road

N. Charleston

(843) 552-1115


In the land of paintball, bruises and welts are the signs of a good time. The more black and blue you are, the more fun you had — all you bad boys and girls who frequent S&M clubs know exactly what we’re talking about.

For those of you not in the know, the object of the game is to eliminate opponents by shooting them with small paint-filled gelatin balls fired from a compressed air gun. (Don’t be an asshole and freeze those pellets either. Do that and you’ll come back in the next life as the parasite that lives on the underside of Karl Rove, who will come back as a marsh rat with mange.)

While there are several paintball fields around the state, there’s only one near the Holy City, Paintball Charleston in North Charleston. At the 56.5 acre Paintball Charleston, there are over a dozen playable fields and a retail store that sells a plethora of gear, including guns. Currently, Paintball Charleston is open on Saturdays and Sundays but will be open during the week in the near future. They occasionally host tournaments, but usually owners and employees just like to kick back and shoot around with local people that come by to play. —Caitlin Baker

Firepower to the People: A point-and-shoot list of paintball fields around the state

Beaufort Fun Park

591 Robert Smalls Pkwy.


(843) 524-2267

Firelake Paintball ‘n’ Catfish

1897 Cheddar Road


(864) 847-4200

Paintball Fury

912 Hwy. 501 Suite E&F

Myrtle Beach

(843) 448-0700

Paintball USA

6602 Hwy. 707

Myrtle Beach

(843) 650-1540

Pee Dee Paintball

1029 Weaver Road


(843) 346-2622


429 Koon Store Road


(803) 786-4539


Warzone Paintball

3462 S. Fraser St.


(843) 545-9888

Weekend Warrior Sportz Park

161 Verdin Road


(864) 297-1775


The Fun House

Going bonkers with miniature golf, video games, go-carts, and more

The power of the contact between a bat and a baseball. The glory of speeding to sweet victory. The pleasure of an under-par game. The joy of rubbing peanut butter all over your chest while you hurl curses at the audience and dare them to throw beer bottles at you. (Scratch that last bit: That’s not that much fun unless your name is Iggy Pop and you’ve got a death wish and heroin habit the size of the Cloverfield monster.) At a fun park, the possibilities are endless: go-carts, video games, batting cages, water slides — the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor activities. The fun park is an all-ages affair — it doesn’t matter if you’re a child who’s easily freaked out by animatronic mice or an adult who thinks getting drunk and roller-skating is a great way to spend a Saturday night. —Susan Cohen

Blackbeard’s Cove Family Fun Park

3255 Highway 17 North

Mt. Pleasant

(843) 971-1223


Carolina Ice Palace

7665 Northwoods Blvd.

North Charleston

(843) 572-2717

Frankie’s Fun Park

5000 Ashley Phosphate Road

North Charleston

(843) 767-1376


Hot Wheels Skating Rink

1523 Folly Road

James Island

(843) 795-7982


Music in Motion Family Fun Center

1341 College Park Road


(843) 832-6077


Stardust Skate Center

2035 Spaulding Dr.

North Charleston

(843) 747-0111