I realize Scout and Molly’s was featured not but two months ago here, but this deal is good enough to merit one more hoorah of good sales and great clothes.

Hopefully you made it to Whitewash and Flax’s three-day warehouse sale, but if you didn’t (and even if you did), there’s another sale coming your way. And it begins today.

Perhaps you’re as geared up for deep spring cleaning as I am or maybe you avoid it at all costs. But regardless of your domestic preferences, Scout and Molly’s of Charleston is doing some cleaning of their own. And you and I are the lucky beneficiaries, with designer brands not only marked down but an additional 60% off for this entire week. Make sure to visit the store before everything vanishes, and “Like” them on Facebook to keep up with additional pop-up sales. The weather is warmer, the pollen will start disappearing in a few weeks, and it’s a Monday.

What other reasons do you need for a bit of a good shop-around?