The Spring Street Block Party was up against a lot on Sunday. Beautiful weather, a full calendar, and early autumn Sunday football were fierce competition for the first-time event. Unfortunately, even the lure of the excellent Roti Rolls and Geechee Island food trucks, the music of DJs E-Double and LT (of EMG Music Group), and a projector to play football games couldn’t bring the neighborhood together.

Event organizer Bee Myers originally intended for this block party to take place on Bogard Street. He wanted to bring the community together to raise money for victims of the arsonist’s fires earlier this year. Unfortunately, Bogard Street’s residential zoning didn’t allow for such an event, so Myers moved the party to the space behind Remedy Market on Spring Street. Remedy Market provided a table of craft beers to show their support.

Myers’ vision for the block party is for it to become a twice-monthly affair, and the idea is a great one, but it would help if more locals actually showed up. Hopefully they’ll be more successful with spreading the word next time, whether through word-of-mouth or by getting more businesses in the area involved. Fingers crossed for the next one.