Anyone who’s ever worn high heels has probably found themselves running in them. Whether racing to make a dinner reservation or chasing after a drunk friend, the slow-paced saunter that makes high heels so sexy is not always real-world practical. With all of this practice trotting around in tall heels, it was natural that Charleston’s inaugural Stiletto Stampede would have a strong turnout. Participants packed the grassy knoll next to the Whole Foods Market in Mt. Pleasant early Saturday morning, many of them dressed in costumes in the hopes of snagging the $1,000 cash prize for best get-up. A couple of favorites were a gorilla wearing purple pumps and Marie Antoinette. As I waited at the starting line, I daydreamed about how I would spend the $10,000 prize and which lines from “We Are the Champions” I would recite at the finish line. But my time in the Stiletto Stampede went something like this: Right foot, left foot, pavement. For one fleeting moment I considered acting out Nancy Kerrigan’s post-injury performance from the 1994 Winter Olympics, holding my knee while allowing tears to stream down my face as I screamed, “Why me? Why here? Why NOW?” I instead opted for the opposite — complete cluelessness. As I walked over to the sidelines, I shrugged off questions of concern, flashed a big smile, and mumbled something about “a great cause” and “charity event.”

Stiletto Stampede from Charleston City Paper on Vimeo.