I was on deadline the other day and just couldn’t concentrate at work with the Internet so close to my fingertips, so I decided to head out to a remote Starbucks in the area in hopes of literally disconnecting from the world. Yes, Starbucks has WiFi, but it’s pay WiFi, so it’s in no way attractive to my potential use.

I order my mocha, sit down, and turn on my computer. “Ping.” XXXXX (next door to the Starbucks) had an open WiFi. Curses!

Starbucks announced today that its going to get even easier to get online at the coffee shop.

At Starbucks, T-Mobile is out and AT&T is in, at least when it comes to WiFi. AT&T and Starbucks announced their new partnership this morning, saying that the carrier plans to offer a variety of service offerings at 7,000 Starbucks locations in the US. Best of all, many customers will be able to access the service for free (as in beer), with paid offerings as low as $3.99 for two hours of use.