One year.

That’s how much longer Nikki Haley will be in office.

Why? Well, it seems that our good guv just might be the kind of politician who’s willing to let a few dollar bills change her mind. That is if what many suspect to be true, turns out to be true.

See, yesterday, the Haley-appointed and -controlled DHEC board approved a water quality permit that will allow the folks at the Savannah Harbor Project to dredge the Savannah River, a body of water that borders South Carolina and Georgia. The expansion of the Savannah Port will be highly detrimental to the Port of Charleston — and that’s not even mentioning what the dredging will do to wetlands and the like on the South Carolina side of the river.

Here’s the funny thing: Just a few weeks back, DHEC voted down the approval measure.

What changed?

Well, that’s what state Sen. Vincent Sheheen and state Rep. Leon Stavrinakis want to know.

Yesterday, the Holy City’s Stavrinakis issued this statement:

“Governor Haley and her team have launched a direct assault on the Port of Charleston, the jobs it creates, and the families those jobs support. The people of South Carolina deserve an answer from the Governor for this outrageous act of betrayal – because ultimately the buck stops with her. I will be filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in the morning, asking for details on the Governor’s communication with Port officials in Georgia over the last year. I will also be asking for all travel logs to and from the state of Georgia by the Governor as well as her staff over the last year. I also call on the Governor to release any and all campaign contributions this quarter from Georgia residents. The people of South Carolina have a right to know why the Haley administration sold them out to the state of Georgia. I am going to do everything I can to help them get the answers.”

Meanwhile, the man who should’ve been governor had this to say:

“Today’s decision by the DHEC board is a disaster for our state’s environment and our future economic growth. Selling out on protection of our sensitive natural habitats and our own economy is a blunder that will cost us dearly in jobs and natural resources. The DHEC Board members should resign immediately and Governor Haley should replace them with knowledgeable individuals who will represent the best interest of South Carolina and who are not campaign contributors to Haley. I am further requesting that state Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell convene an investigatory committee to review whether or not the DHEC board was improperly influenced. I am also calling on Governor Haley to disclose immediately all contributions, if any, she received from persons or corporations residing in the state of Georgia during the last six months.”

“The actions today show a disregard for our state’s economic and environmental interests. Every person who loves this state should be shocked.”

Vince and Leon aren’t the only two political players concerned that Nikki might have been paid to sell out the Palmetto State. Last week, FITSNews’ Will Folks wondered about the same thing. Head on over to FITS to read that report.