Caught the Sunday night concert from Italian pianist Stefano Battaglia and his band. They performed nearly an hour and a half of dynamic music inspired by the work of late Italian filmmaker and poet Pier Paolo Pasolini [image-1] (read about his newly-released album here).

[image-2] Battaglia (pictured) performed gracefully with support from Michael Gassmann on trumpet, Mirco Mariottini on various clarinets, Aya Shimura on cello, Salvatore Maiore on double-bass, and Roberto Dani on the drums (one of the most unique “jazz drummers” I’ve ever seen on stage).

Check out a full live review of this and all of this year’s Wachovia Jazz concerts on City Paper’s web coverage of the jazz, blues, and roots music events (here).

Up next: Saluzzi and Lechner at the Sottile Theatre this afternoon and the Brian Widlowski Trio at Tonik tonight…