Well, the news is good and  bad from the James Beard Awards in New York City tonight.

Robert Stehling of Hominy Grill was recognized as the Best Southeastern Chef, which means that Mike Lata of FIG did not get that award.

Sean Brock, who was nominated for the Rising Star Under 30 award,  also lost.  Jeff Allen texted us the results over the course of the night from inside the ceremony, hosted by Kim Catrall.

In other news, we ate dinner at Aja Bistro in Midtown where my son, a burgeoning food critic, acquired a real taste for Uni, a.k.a sea urchin. He ordered the $45 chef’s tasting (from the heart) menu and was rewarded with a pile of uni inside a crisp cucumber. He ate it one piece at the time. He gagged while eating the first two, but by the fifth piece he had decided it was pretty damn good. Go figure.