If you’ve braved downtown to get Poke Tea House recently only to discover that the BiLo parking lot is now off limits, you know the rage of which I speak. A seething hanger magnified by explosive parking frustration. “God dammit!” you scream, smacking the steering wheel. “I just want a fucking rice bowl and I can’t find a damn place to park!”

This frustration permeates really any to-go order situation on the peninsula. If you want takeout from anywhere South of Spring, you better have a driving buddy because it’s a “You buy, I’ll fly” situation.

Or, at least, it is everywhere except Stella’s. In his great wisdom, Stella’s owner Steven Niketas has recently committed one of his off-street parking spots to To-Go Orders. That’s right, you can race in for pastichiatho without circling the block for 20 minutes beforehand.

Opa! indeed.