By now, the participants in the eighth Charleston Bermuda Race are well on their way to the island. And there’s a good possibility that Stephen Colbert — yes, that Stephen Colbert — is in the lead. He’s helping command Team Audi aboard the Spirit of Juno on the 777-mile race, which left Charleston Harbor on Saturday.

On Friday night, Bermuda’s Department of Tourism hosted the Bermuda Bound Party at the South Carolina Society Hall. Racers and other guests — many decked out in Bermuda shorts (not surprisingly) and high socks — enjoyed crab cakes, oysters, and poached shrimp in the historical building. Colbert was the guest of honor, and blended in with his bowtie, blazer, and khakis, though his sneakers set him apart.

After receiving some gentle ribbing from friends and fellow yachtsmen during a presentation, Colbert took the stage, joking that he would have put on the pair of bright pink Bermuda shorts that were given to him that night if only he’d been wearing underwear. Though his last foray in the race wasn’t particularly successful (apparently, as Colbert explained, everything that could have gone wrong went wrong), he was confident of his Audi-sponsored ship, since its Quattro four wheel drive which improves handling on wet surfaces. “I understand that much of the surface of the ocean is wet, so we’re going to win,” Colbert joked. “Everyone else should just go home now.”

Colbert mingled with guests as any Charlestonian would, completely comfortable in his hometown environment. He even reminisced about dancing the lindy to “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” in that very room. We wish him well on the rest of the race.