[image-1]The figurehead for a movement to ‘takeover’ American institutions from rich, big business fat cats, Steve Bannon says he’s building a “revolt of working class people.”

But as the Breitbart leader travels the nation proclaiming to be a champion for working people, he reportedly only flies commercial as a last resort, has aides who buy his groceries to keep him on a strict smoothie diet, employs a private security detail, and could be worth nearly $50 million.

In a Politico report catching up with Trump White House alumni this week, Bannon is among those enjoying a high-profile life after the ‘chaos’ of the West Wing.

He has a private security force of burly former military officials guarding him at all times. He has told friends that he is a target of threats because of his views and fame. He has said he never plans to fly commercial unless there is no other option.

Ahead of tonight’s event at The Citadel, it’s unknown how Bannon is traveling to Charleston, which is at least the fourth stop he’s made this week after visits to Michigan, New York, and New Hampshire.

Bannon has positioned himself as a kingmaker in conservative circles, throwing support to candidates he thinks will upend the Republican establishment, especially in the U.S. Senate. With help of candidates he’s backing, Bannon says, he does not believe that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be GOP leader a year from now.

Yesterday, Washington Post reported that Roy Moore, a Bannon-backed candidate in Alabama, initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year old outside a courtroom when he was 32. At an event in New Hampshire last night, Bannon dismissed the accusation from the “Bezos-Amazon-Washington Post” as the “very definition of fake news.”

Tonight, Republican challenger for governor Catherine Templeton will introduce Bannon, who she hails as “brilliant.”

The Citadel Republican Society will present Bannon with a “massive revolutionary war musket” as this year’s Nathan Hale Patriot Award honoree.