Warning: Geek Post


I’ve always said that the tiff between Microsoft users and Mac users has been a one-sided tussle (and this is coming from a Mac user), but it appears that it has not gone unnoticed by Bill Gates.

It didn’t take long for the first joint appearance by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in 20 years to get around to the latest chapter in their intense, decades-long rivalry: The Apple television ads pitting a cool Mac Guy against a dorky PC Guy.

“The art of those commercials … is for those guys to like each other,” the top Mac guy argued to the top PC guy. “It’s worth thinking about.”

He must have known that Mr. Gates had already thought about it. Wired wrote that Gate’s wordless response “could have melted … well, an iPod.”

The closest that Mr. Gates came to replying with words was after a joke about another Apple commercial that Mr. Jobs said he passed on. “Steve is s-o-o-o-o known for his restraint,” he said.