Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
The Pour House
Nov. 14

Steve Kimock brought his project Crazy Engine to town last Friday night to play before an excited crowd of older heads mixed with young fans. Crazy Engine lived up to its name, backing Kimock’s high energy jams with smooth, syncopated beats from Kimock’s son, John Morgan. Keyboardist Melvin Seals rounded out the sound nicely with his trademark brand of funky organ solos that transitioned seamlessly between him and Kimock.

Pulling from an enviable rack of guitars, Kimock himself showed why he has been a staple on the jam scene for over 30 years. Between solos playing lap slide and a gorgeous custom guitar (a Gibson Explorer model?), he fused rock and jazz effortlessly in what turned out to be a memorable performance. Steve Kimock Crazy Engine was a finely tuned machine that resonated with fans, young and old alike.