I’m still looking for people with so-called literary tattoos — that is, tattoos not of images but of words, phrases, whole passages from books. Maybe my example the other day was too extreme. Maybe some people say it and said, “Well, I don’t have an entire passage from Fight Club on my back, so he’s not looking for me.”

Au contraire, mon frier. [Ecuiram LeVar appreciates my attempts at injecting fancy foreign words into my blogs but kindly corrects my butchered French. It’s au contraire, mon frere] I am looking for you, even if you only have a line of poetry, a Biblical verse, a meaningful expression, or even some punctuation. That’s literary as far as I’m concerned. So please get in touch. We need to talk.

You can reach me at stoehr [at] charlestoncitypaper.com or call (843) 577-5304 ext. 109.

Thanks -JS

(the above image is from a story by the Daily Telegraph in London. That’s where I first read about images the paper found of “literary tattoos” scattered across the internet.)