Off Track Ice Cream, Sarah’s Dumps and First Name Basis are teaming up to help you pack your freezer with local goodies ahead of the holiday season. Starting Sunday, Nov. 8, residents throughout the tri-county area can order a bundle featuring two pints of Off Track ice cream, 30 Sarah’s Dumps frozen dumplings and two First Name Basis frozen pizzas for pick-up or delivery.

“I thought of it when we did some photos for the dumplings and needed to fill the freezer and what I had in mine was frozen First Name Basis pizzas and Off Track pints,” said Sarah’s Dumps owner Sarah Williams-Scalise. “We all agreed folks probably want easy meal prep during the holidays.” 

“When Sarah first reached out to me with her idea on this concept, I immediately jumped at the opportunity,” added Off Track co-owner Alissa Zera. “Our hope is that this can be a fun and enjoyable way for families to pause and gather together around the dinner table during the busy holiday season.” 

Off Track has continued serving pints and scoops at its Beaufain Street storefront since the onset of the pandemic, and Sarah’s Dumps and First Name Basis have pivoted business models to fit the times. 

First Name Basis frozen pizzas | Photo provided

Prior to the pandemic, both pop-ups had been showcasing their products by serving customers during special events at local breweries. Since, Williams-Scalise and her husband Nathan have been delivering packaged frozen dumplings with cooking instructions throughout Charleston, while First Name Basis owner Amanda Click has transformed her wood-fired pizzas into a freezer-ready option, placing her pies in local shops like Veggie Bin. 

Customers can choose from three dumplings, three pizzas and four pints, and each bundle costs $70 plus tax. Orders can be placed online from Sunday, Nov. 8 through Friday Nov. 13 for pick-up at Off Track (6 Beaufain Street) or delivery the following week. 

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