[image-1] Rapper Stormy released his latest EP, Mr. Woods, Tuesday. The album’s a little trip-hop and pop-rap from the front to back. Just like the cover, it’s a colorful release.

Intro track “TROP HAZE” gives a taste of the album’s simple and cool beats, over busy drum loops. “OKAY” is a solid summer jam, perfect for a drink on the porch or a drive with the windows down.

[embed-1] “ON YA MIND” is a quiet tune reliant on keys and Stormy’s raspy sing-rapping. DJ DollaMenu comes in on the assist with a verse more serious than some of his previous humorous material. Outro tune “B” concludes the album in a similar place to where it started. It’s trippy and cold, with Stormy using his gritty vocal tone to great affect.

As Stormy puts it, the EP is a series of summer jams for a beach day. “I wanted to keep it concise with all trap and pop tracks I thought would sound good on the radio,” he said. “Mr. Woods is basically an introductory project for me to the Charleston area, because I moved here from Johnson City, Tennessee about a year ago along with my brother DJ KLWD.”

Mr. Woods is preceded by three other albums, but what makes his recent release different is Stormy’s new focus on shifting his flow from rhythmic to melodic. The man can still rap, but he’s keeping things fresh by calling attention to his beats and calm voice.