Storytree Children’s Theatre is revitalizing, reinterpreting, and reintroducing Shakespeare’s most famous heroines in its original play, Ladies Among Lions.

The 55-minute long production goes on tour starting on Mon. Sept. 16 at Morningside Middle, and any school in the Tri-County area can have the traveling production visit. The cost is about equal to the amount of a school lunch per attending child. Contact Storytree for more pricing information.

Written by playwright Laramie Dean from the Montana Repertory Theatre, the play features distinguished characters such as Juliet Capulet, Katherine from The Taming of the Shrew, Ophelia of Hamlet, and more.

The goal is not only to present these female characters as the leads in their own production, but also to make the Shakespearean literature more reachable to students in a fun medium.

“Live theater is a powerful form of storytelling,” said founder of Storytree Teralyn Reiter in a press release. “Using this medium to weave social issues into an education-based curriculum makes the information click for students.”