The dynamic duo known as Stuckey and Murray don’t just tickle their acoustic guitar strings but your funny bones too. The musicians and stand-up comedians have been together for over a decade, and it shows in their flawlessly awkward charisma and slightly offensive yet mostly hilarious ballads. With song-sketches ruling the evening, their performance highlighted all the important things: the 10-minute window married couples with kids get to have sex, the erotic tension between dudes when you drink mimosas together in the rain, and, of course, all the reasons why you need to change up your China pattern sung to the tune of “We Are the World.”

In this particular set-up, Stuckey and Murray get a little help from their accordion, saxophone, piano, and fruit maracas-playing friend John Foti. Yes, the maracas were shaped like bananas and limes, and it was brilliant.

The masters of dad humor and TV producers and writers for Guy Code, however, commanded the evening with their all-too-real portrayal of life as married men with kids who still make sex jokes. No shame there. Murray even dedicated one of the tunes to his wife, which you might think is sweet until you listen to the lyrics.

Some of the best sketch-songs of the evening consisted of a bit about women crying to Downton Abbey, and this one ditty where Murray sang all the comments they had received on a YouTube video.

The introduction video, which took the audience on a journey through Stuckey and Murray’s relationship, was cry-laugh worthy. There were spandex suits and almost-makeouts, but my favorite was a rap video they made for a high-end clothing company.

The finale was spectacular. There was a harmonica, an onstage threesome of musical madness, and a lot of passionate touching, rubbing, sucking, and blowing. That’s all I can really say.