It was all peace, kindness, and gratitude at a packed Gage Hall on Saturday evening. Peace Begins with Me and You, hosted by Students for a Free Tibet, was an awareness event and fund-raiser to benefit both their group and the Charleston Tibetan Society. It was a mood-stirring three hours, with enough kind words spoken to last Rush Limbaugh a lifetime. The special guest of the evening was the charming Geshe Dakpa Topgyal, Charleston’s resident Tibetan Buddhist Lama. He, along with members from Students for a Free Tibet spoke about what it means to work for peace within ourselves and the world — driving home the idea that we are all capable of coming together for the greater good. The music for the evening was an eclectic mix. Will Pittman and the Runaways, a local folk/bluegrass band, kicked things off, followed by Jeremy Anderson, who strummed his solo acoustic guitar through supper. The dinner event was free to all with a suggested donation of $5 at the door. It was catered by Sermet Aslan of Sermet’s Corner, who was clad in some awesomely colorful patchwork pants. Geshe-la awarded cataks, Tibetan ceremonial scarves, to Aslan, a longstanding member of the Charleston Tibetan Society, and each of the performers for their generous contributions to the evening. The last band of the night, the He’s, finished the event with head-banging Black Keys covers. With all of the inspirational quotes from the Dalai Lama and community-building morale, we all left Gage Hall with a warm and fuzzy feeling.