Intern Reina Gascon-Lopez went to the Center for Women last Thursday, where Charleston magazine style editor Ayoka Lucas spoke at the free Brown Bag Lunch Series. The topic was “Fashion & Beauty: Tips for Looking Fab & Saving Money.” Here’s the lowdown.

Thursday I headed to C4W to get some style tips from some local pros: Ayoka Lucas and the ladies of Moore Makeup, Leslie Moore and Margaret Gierhart. A group of about 20 women sat at tables full of beauty handouts, worksheets, and goodies. Starting out the show were makeup-mavens Moore and Gierhart, who presented two models wearing identical shades of makeup. Our job as the audience was to tell the difference between high-end products and drugstore finds; and I have to admit, we all had a little bit of trouble doing so. They also gave us a handout of “Top Ten Drugstore Picks,” including Oil of Olay face washes, Maybelline mascaras, and Aveeno moisturizers (good stuff!); multi-functioning products like chubby sticks, lip stains and concealers; and some homemade beauty tips featuring sugar scrubs and masques. After all the beauty talk, Ayoka spoke about how to be glamorous on a budget. She gave awesome tips about cleaning out an old wardrobe by building it from the ground up with essential basic pieces, and making sure to stay away from trends and fads; timeless style is key here for looking great without dropping serious stacks. Lucas also pointed out that taking time for yourself and having a team of people who make you look and feel fabulous is what’s most important; and we’ve heard it time and time again: when you feel good, you look good. Being glamorous is all in your mind, ladies, regardless of how much you spend.

The next Brown Bag Lunch Series is May 7 at noon. Sally Smith will speak about dementia. Call (843) 763-7333 for reservations.