Last week, indie-rock recording artist Sufjan Stevens announced the release of his Nov. 9, 2015 performance at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center in audio and video form. Asthmatic Kitty Records will drop Carrie & Lowell Live on Fri. April 28.

The news was revealed on the two-year anniversary of Stevens’ last LP, Carrie & Lowell. The announcement also, strategically, fell on the birthday of the album’s titular Lowell Brams, Stevens’ stepfather and co-founder of Asthmatic Kitty Records.

The audio of Carrie & Lowell Live will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Bandcamp and Spotify, while you’ll find the video on YouTube and Vimeo.

The live show was shot and produced by We Are Films and the Art Counsel, the latter of which is based in Charleston; it was edited by Keith Bradshaw and mixed by Casey Foubert.

The title track from the evening was released in February of last year, and you can view it on YouTube or above.

Here’s the setlist from Mon. Nov. 9, 2015
Redford (For Yia-Yia and Pappou)

Death With Dignity

Should Have Known Better

All of Me Wants All Of You

John My Beloved

The Only Thing

Fourth of July

No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross

Carrie & Lowell

Drawn to the Blood



Futile Devices

Blue Bucket of Gold

Blue Bucket Outro
Hotline Bling* (featuring Gallant)
*audio streaming and download only