[image-1] Folk group Jollymonster, created by Summerville native Sarah Summer, are feeling dreamy in their new lyric video for “UUU.”

Released Wednesday on YouTube, the video effortlessly fits the song’s vibe.

The tune’s quietly affecting slide guitar and string flutters in the background at the song’s beginning plays beautifully off images of lightning. Some shots are so close that the camera picks up the textures of the magazine paper.

“The loose plan for the video was to give the sensation of coolness and floating – like in outer space or underwater,” Summer explains to City Paper.

In the video, the camera tracks over clippings from an impressive collection of vintage magazines from Arizona, where the band is stationed. Zoomed in on images of clouds, mountains, globes, and occasionally people, small pieces of paper show handwritten lyrics to the song.

“I can’t pick up the phone/ because I’m making the stars align/ why’d you put me here at all/ why’d you give me these dice to roll/ I don’t know what’s right,” Summer sings while explosive nature scenes and somber individuals are juxtaposed with the lyrics.

“This song is based on the idea of staying true while balancing responsibility and the people or pastimes that are calling you,” Summer says about the lyrical content.

When contemplating the song’s meaning and the accompanying video, Summer finds a depth that matches the track’s distant and ethereal tone.

“I find myself wondering if things are as they should be. Ultimately, I think there is no ‘should be.’ There’s just what is.”

Sarah Summer hopes to return to Charleston in October for a solo show or two. Meanwhile, she and her Jollymonster bandmate Sam Smetana will release a new single every month “for the next year,” according to Summer.