I’m still debating whether or not to go to the fun and filling Chef’s Feast on Sunday night or 52.5’s lo-fi birthday party. Or maybe I should just go to both. Interestingly enough, both events benefit the Lowcountry Food Bank. Problem is, what could I get away with wearing at the ballroom that would blend in at the record store? Unfortunately, I lack the skills needed to answer this question.

Anyway, if you’re a local foodie and you’ve never been to the Chef’s Feast, you should go. It’s an amazing event that benefits the Lowcountry Food Bank. More than 95 percent goes directly to fighting childhood hunger programs in the area.

And over at 52.5 Records, Clay Scales is celebrating his store’s 12th anniversary by throwing himself a cool party on Sunday night. He’s encouraging friends and fans to stop by and donate cans of food this weekend with the goal of collecting 630 cans of food [12 x 52.5 = 630 … ha!].” Big donors will get an invite to the Sunday night party.