Whoever came up with the idea to use Dockside Pier as the venue for Saturday’s Dockside Fashion Show was a visionary. Sure, it was perhaps the longest runway most of the models had ever strutted, but it was a stunning setting for the showcase of local designers. Tucked between the S.C. Aquarium and the Maritime Center, the long pier juts out into the harbor with built-in seating stretching the entire length of it on both sides. Guests sipped champagne and took in the view, the show’s late start completely forgivable given the scene.

Charleston Fashion Week 2009 alum Lindsey Carter started things off with her Troubadour line, featuring bright colors, light layered fabrics, and high belted waists. We loved the socks with heels combo as well as the black poufy headpieces all of the models sported. Rachel Gordon’s One Love show was next. As with CFW 2008, the designer focused on glamorous, low-backed gowns, often in natural, approachable fabrics.

Before the last show, we were treated to a gorgeous view as the sun set and the full moon rose over the U.S.S. Yorktown — we even spotted a few dolphins playing in the harbor. Sarah Maxwell presented the final show during the waning minutes of daylight — a little disappointing, because her impressive designs definitely deserved better lighting. Gloves, headbands, ruffles, and graphic prints dominated the collection, and the designer firmly asserted herself as a key player in the local fashion scene.

We can only hope the Dockside Fashion Show will go on to become an annual event. Better yet, can we have all fashion shows at Dockside? Just a suggestion. The designers will be selling looks from the show at a trunk show at Shine on Oct. 7 from 5-8 p.m.