[image-1]GARAGE GRUNGE | Survival Crimes
w/ Dumb Doctors, Townhouse
Tues. Mar. 7
9 p.m.
Tattooed Moose (Downtown)

Old-man grunge just woke up from his two-decade coma, and he wants his smokes. Or at least, that’s the vibe Asheville locals Survival Crimes give off with the track, “Big Red Horse.” The tune’s winding guitar intro sounds like flannel, cheap beer, and cigarettes, while the rest of the track keeps the momentum going with a hasty garage rock riff. Its bluesy-as-all-hell final minute doesn’t hurt, either.

In the single “Big Red Horse,” the band wears their influences on the sleeves of their jean jackets. Bassist Brett Kent lists bands that are near to every ’90s kid’s heart like the Pixies, Soundgarden, and Oasis as impacting Survival Crimes’ sound.

The group is also gunning for a classic rock aesthetic, which can easily be found in drummer Jake Garrett and guitarist Stephen Lockamy. The upcoming set of shows will be used to tighten up the originals the band has worked on since November, with the hopes of a new single and album coming out later this year.

As Kent puts it, the original songs each have their own style, but they keep the core elements in tact. They live off “that same hard rock, guitar driven, fuzzy bass, thrashy drums” gusto that made their first song what it was.

Survival Crimes perform with Dumb Doctors and Townhouse (who are releasing an album the same day) on Tues. March 7 at the Tattooed Moose.