Founded by Mickey Ashmore in 2013, Sabah is a sustainable shoe company that makes shoes based on a style found in Gaziantep, a city located in the southeast of Turkey along the Syrian border. Ashmore first discovered this style of shoe when he was living in Istanbul and working for Microsoft; he was gifted a pair and by his account, hardly ever took them off.

Sabah pops up at Basic Kitchen during Charleston Wine + Food, just in time for fashionable foodies to snag a pair. From March 7-11, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. the public is welcome to swing by Basic and peruse the shoes (get a sneak peek of the goods online).

Every pair of Sabah shoes is made by a Turkish shoemaker and his family and the company has grown enough for 30 additional craftsmen to join the process — and for the crew to move into a nicer facility in Gaziantep. On their website Sabah promises, “Every pair is still made entirely by hand, from A to Z, using high quality, locally sourced leathers.”

Starting at $195, it would make sense that each shoe has been carefully crafted. And yes, local Insta-influencing moms, there are kids’ versions too, which go for just $65 a pair.

If you can’t make it to the pop-up, you can still see the shoes at Basic; Sabah is designing a team with the Basic Kitchen team for the whole staff to wear.