SUSTO announced today the five-piece has debuted its very own festival, happening Aug. 10-11, called Fine 2Day, after the band’s last album & I’m Fine Today. Sensibly, Fine 2Day is a two-day affair featuring the whole SUSTO-Charleston fam: The Artisanals (frontman Johnny Delaware is a former SUSTO guitarist and songwriter), Human Resources (the band’s Dries Vandenberg is also SUSTO’s present guitarist), Crab Claw (long-time friend, former roommate, and collaborator), and Babe Club (both Babe Club babes, Corey Campbell and Jenna Desmond, are in SUSTO).

Here’s the hitch: this thing is in “Codfish Hollow,” Iowa, which is awesome because #spreadthegospel. But why middle-of-nowhere Iowa, of all places? Because 1) long-time SUSTO fan, Daytrotter founder, and current promotor in that region of the Midwest, Sean Mueller, encouraged the fest and helped it come together and 2) ever since early SUSTO days, the band has accumulated an incredible following there. “That area has become one of our biggest markets in the world,” frontman Justin Osborne says. “It’s like a second-home for us.

The venue is a barn in Maquoketa called Codfish Hollow Barnstormers, where many a big name have passed through, like Conor Oberst, Dawes, and Nathaniel Rateliffe. “The last show we had there sold out, so we decided to book two nights,” Osborne says. “Then we also thought it’d be cool to get our friends out there — it’s so picturesque, an old barn in a beautiful hollow. I had no idea how beautiful Eastern Iowa was, especially that time of year — it’s a nice place to be in the summer when it’s so hot in Charleston. So we always thought it’d be a good thing to share with all our friends.”

Fans can expect plenty of super jams on both days, but better act quick because tickets are moving swiftly. Get your Fine 2Day Fest tickets here