In the past year or so, Sal Parco’s restaurant group, Dine With Sal, has been steadily closing restaurants — the James Island Boulevard Diner,  Uno Mas, and Sette have all gone belly up, and now the original Mustard Seed brand is seeing its first casualty. The 11-year-old Summerville location closed recently. A voicemail message confirms that the N. Main Street spot is no longer operational.

In happier news, Summervillians will soon see the first Smashburger chain in the area. Tomorrow (Tues. Oct. 1), the burger palace will host a celebrity smash at 4 p.m. where the mayor will be there to help smash, sear, and season the first burgers off the line.

The restaurant seems committed to becoming a good community partner, creating specialty burgers that appeal to local diners (Carolina Chili Burger with Duke’s mayo) and donating $1 per Smashburger or Smashchicken sandwich to MUSC Children’s Hospital (promising a minimum of $5K).  

Check it out and report back. I’d like to know how these smashed burgers stack up to the competition. Smashburger is located at 210 Azalea Square Blvd.