Last week, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong shocked the music world when emerged from his 12-step cocoon and proclaimed that South Korean pop star Psy was “the herpes of music.” Ouch.

Fortunately, someone was there to defend Psy’s honor. “It’s pretty obvious that Billy Joe Armstrong is the HIV of music,” says Swank Sinatra drummer Randy Garcia. “That dude never goes away and is controlled by a cocktail of medications.” Burn, Billie, burn.

This Fri. May 17 at the Tin Roof, Garcia and his Swank Sinatra cohorts — Bob Place and Brandon Pittman — will be town to deliver a blast of full-throttle snark ‘n’ roll. “I think modern rock takes itself too seriously and doesn’t party as hard as it used to. We’re out to fix that,” Garcia says.

Swank Sinatra is touring in support of their 2012 EP, Pretty Shoes, a blast of Sabbathy sludge, Kiss-y riffs, and lots of snot-rock swagger. In June, they’re heading back into the studio to record a new LP, Sober Cobra.

“It’s a much headier mix of tunes than anything we’ve done previously,” Garcia says. “Sort of like prog-garage, if such a thing exists.”

Call us intrigued.