Photo by Dylan Dawkins & Jenna Desmond

Local indie synth artist Pierce Alexander dropped a music video for his new single, “Make It Up To You,” ahead of the Feb. 11 release of his debut album, The Minutehand

“I decided that the next thing I wanted to do, I wanted it to be a bigger step forward,” Alexander told City Paper. “I didn’t want to put out singles anymore. I’ve always loved listening to music in album form the most. It’s always been a dream of mine to record an album, and it feels like the right time to put it out.”

The lyrics for “Make It Up To You” were inspired by something Alexander’s friend was going through that stirred up old feelings of his own similar experience. 

“It’s this whole idea of you really want to be with somebody, but they aren’t on the same page as you — this romanticized thing that you build up in your head, but it can’t really ever come to fruition,” Alexander said.   

Shot with a grainy VHS camera, the music video maintains a pensive mood with abstract conceptualization, Alexander said. Familiar local spots like The Royal American and Bangkok Lounge provided a backdrop for some of the scenes, as well as other parts of downtown King Street. 

Dylan Dawkins of Persona La Ave directed the video featuring Aurora Star and William Cross Van Horn, with lighting provided by Jenna Desmond of Babe Club. 

“I had never done a video like this before, but I had this idea that I was going to be the narrator in the video and not the main character,” Alexander said. 

Around 2018 when he started writing The Minutehand, he saw some of his friends go down dark paths with addiction and he was working a job that was not fulfilling. 

 “It wasn’t an intentional thing, but I found when I would sit down and write the songs, all of these feelings of frustration would come out,” he said. “Then there’s some songs on the album I think are hopeful, too. It goes back and forth between certain and uncertain.”

Catch Pierce Alexander’s album release show at The Royal American Feb. 12 with indie garage band Whitehall and bedroom pop compositions from Donawa.