[image-1] In case you don’t follow any of the many local music heavyweights that make up brand new Charleston sextet, Doom Flamingo, here’s your 4-1-1: the new synthwave supergroup comprises Umphrey’s McGee’s Ryan Stasik on bass, powerhouse vocalist Kanika Moore (of Motown Throwdown fame), Terraphonics’ Thomas Kenney, Mike Quinn (Motown Throwdown, Funktastics), and Stu White and Ross Bogan of White/Bogan Duo. So how did the crew come up with a synthwave brew? “Ryan wanted to put together a band with some local musicians,” Bogan tells us. “I had been listening to a lot of synthwave at the time and proposed a live synthwave band. We’ve all been put in a lot of situations where we have to pull off some ridiculous covers that we’re not used to, so I was confident we were all going to rise to this task.”

Though Doom Flamingo only has one local live gig under its belt so far, debuting at the official Umphrey’s McGee afterparty back in May, the goods delivered were well-received and the show — complete with visuals by Brooklyn-based projection mapping artist, Christian Hannon — was a resounding success.

The gang is back for more on Fri. Oct. 26 at the Pour House, this time with fresh tunes to test-run. “I made some demos and we brought them into Rialto Row to work with Ryan Zimmerman,” Bogan says. “The final mix was done by our guitarist Thomas Kenney.”

[image-2] Though you’ll have to wait on the EP a little longer, Doom does offer listeners this week their first single, “F-16.”

“We recorded the music first, and then Kanika came out of left field with the lyrics about making sweet love in an F-16, which was a total game changer,” Bogan says. “She nailed it; she always does — if you have seen her around town then you will agree. This is the first original recording she has been featured on, which is pretty special. I think the general consensus with this tune is that we just wanted to make fun music that makes people dance.”

Doom Flamingo also has a graphic novel in the works with Canadian illustrator Jordan Noir, who Bogan refers to as the seventh member of Doom Flamingo. A darksynth music fan, Noir will arrive in Charleston soon to officially meet the band and explore the city for comic book inspiration. The stories will be based on Doom Flamingo superheroes.

Noir will create single art for each song on the EP, and the band’s next four posters will also feature his original art of Doom Flamingo superhero characters battling “the villainous Night Marchers.” The posters will be sold as stand-alone pieces intended to connect as a scene in a mosaic of four. The graphic novel idea will employ a retro vibe to add dimension and deeper narrative in the band’s songs.

Though Noir and the band haven’t actually met yet, Bogan says he’s never started a friendship like this one. “It’s really bizarre but amazing,” he says. “He was diagnosed with chronic brain disease epilepsy and other neurological issues, so he has some difficulties logistically sometimes, but he is  resilient. The tumor gives him insomnia, which allows him to work super long hours through the night; you can see that creeping into some of his artwork, too — sort of like his superpower.”

Stay tuned for book and album release details. Until then, enjoy “F-16” above.