Here’s the Wrap:

Rice meets with Syria. Splog’s Dan Savage makes a valid observation.

When Nancy Pelosi met with the Syrians it was damn near traitorous—we don’t talk to “bad actors,” reward “bad behavior,” the Syrians are bad, bad, bad. So why is Condi Rice meeting with the Syrians today?

GOP debate tonight. Take a shot every time someone says the words faith, family, freedom, or liberal. Down the bottle if they have anything positive to say about Iraq.

• Forget Iraq, Afghanistan is getting ready to show us the door after some 51 civilians are killed after a U.S. bomb attack.

• The U.S. House approves a bill adding gays and lesbians to the hate crimes list. Bush promises a veto.

• A State Highway Patrol officer kills a pedestrian in Beaufort County. We reported last week about the state’s new pedestrian safety campaign.

• Say goodbye to smart, funny television: Gilmore Girls wraps in two weeks. Sniff!

• But there’s no time for tears: HBO will air Justin Timberlake special.