Fat Possum recording artist T-Model Ford (a.k.a. The Taildragger) and his Seattle-based backing band Gravel Road return to the Charleston area on Wed. March 3 with a set at the West Ashley Home Team BBQ.

The Mississippi hill country blues legend — born as James Lewis Carter Ford in 1924 — earned notoriety in the 1990s with a string of “fabulously lowdown rough and dirty” albums on Fat Possum, including Pee-Wee Get My Gun, You Better Keep Still, She Ain’t None of Your’n, and Bad Man. Ford’s latest album, The Ladies Man, was released this winter on Alive Records.

In the past 18 months, Ford’s played in over 20 states, and has toured Europe twice and Canada once. “He’s logged more road miles than most of the bands a third his age rack up in a lifetime and has no intention of slowing down,” say the Fat Possum folks.

Tickets are available for the Home Team gig for $10. Check out hometeambbq.com and myspace.com/tmodelfordandgravelroad for more.